Bykski Silent PARX Pump (330L/H) / Acrylic Reservoir Combo – (CP-PARX-X-CT60) – 100mm

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CP-PARX-X-CT60 Silent D5 Pump Reservoir Combo – 100mm

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Introducing the Silent PARX Pump (330L/H) / Acrylic Reservoir Combo, a sleek and sophisticated solution tailored for compact to mid-sized PC water-cooling setups. Designed with both style and functionality in mind, this pump offers impressive water circulation capabilities, boasting an exceptional flow head of 3 meters.

Operating smoothly and silently, the pump’s RPM range spans from 1800 to 3000, ensuring a serene computing experience. Its core, the CP-PARXPB-X pump core, features a robust ceramic shaft, granting it an astonishing lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. With this remarkable longevity, users can enjoy years of uninterrupted performance and find solace in knowing that their system will remain efficient and reliable.

  • Superior 12 Volts DC convenience: plugs into the computer power supply
  • Low maintenance, Low Noise
  • Power: DC12v / 1.5
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Power Connector: 4-Pin Molex
  • Speed Control/Data: 4-Pin PWM
  • Max RPM: 1800-3000RPM
  • Maximum discharge: ~ 330L/H
  • Top Material: PMMA
  • Thread: G1/4
  • Stand Color: Black
  • Dimensions: PMMA
    100mm Model – 83mm x 164mm
  • Loop: Aluminum or Non-Aluminum
Included Parts
  • 1x PARX Pump (installed)
  • 1x Tube Reservoir + Top
  • 1x Pump Armor (installed)
  • 2x Mount Brackets + Screws
  • PMMA Models include 1x 5v Addressable RGB (RBW)

(Warning: Addressable RGB (RBW) is 5V and is ONLY compatible with A-RGB (RBW) components. RGB is 12V and is ONLY compatible with RGB components. Mix and match will NOT work and will cause damage.

Using caustic and/or abrasive coolant will void your warranty (see warranty section) and may cause your pump to fail.
Do not run the pump dry. The PC water-cooling pumps are designed as self-lubricating. This means the pump’s fluid is designed to push/create flow and is also used to lubricate the internal pump parts. This design means you shouldn’t run the pumps without fluid for any reason. Running these pumps without fluid creates internal friction between the ceramic bearing and bearing housing, and that heat can crack or melt the bearing housing very quickly. It is easy to see if your pump was “run dry” or without fluid.
1. Visual scratches along the inside of the housing. This is created when the bearing housing is melted, and the impeller spins off center.
2. Bearing housing has stress cracks or is melted. This is from heat which is created when the pump is run dry.
3. Impeller sits too low in housing. This is usually a sign that number 2 has occurred and the ceramic bearing is falling through the normal housing location.
Running Bykski pumps dry (without fluid) immediately voids the warranty. Replacements will not be given under these conditions.

Not responsible for any hardware damage. Use at your own risk.

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Dimensions 21.4 × 8.3 × 21.4 cm
Bykski Silent PARX Pump (330L/H) / Acrylic Reservoir Combo – (CP-PARX-X-CT60) – 100mm

Only 4 left in stock